Pentagram Technologies

Maintained Under Section 59 of the Indian Partnership Firm Act, 1932


An Indian Partnership company incorporated at Hyderabad, India in February 11, 2022

Previously known as Pentagram Research Centre Private Limited incorporated in February 27, 1997


Mission: Better Technology Through Better Research


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  Pentagram Technologies organized pursuant to the 1932 Indian Firms Act, is executed effective as of date February 11, 2022, by the Partners (i) Chitra Govindarajan (G. Chitra) and (ii) Ethirajan Govindarajan (E.G. Rajan) with its corporate office in 201, Venkat Homes, MIGH-59, Hyderabad, Telangana State, India


Society consists of sentients and insentients. Wellness of society is qualified by three fundamental parameters: (i) food, (ii) health and (iii) security. Governments are expected to fulfill these three requirements adequately and consistently. Due to various reasons governments are failing to maintain such expectations. So, it is the responsibility of non-governmental organizations to pitch in, of course, with the help of governments to ensure food, health and security to society. It is in this context, Pentagram Research Centre Private Limited, Hyderabad, Telangana State, India along with its associated companies Avatar MedVision US LLC, NC, USA and Pentagram Labs Inc, Cupertino, California, USA has taken initiative wherein technology would be used to protect the requirements of food, health and security under three categories: (i) Digital Food Initiative (DFI), (ii) Digital Health Initiative (DHI) and (iii) Digital Security Initiative (DSI),


Digital Food Initiative (DFI)►  ◄Digital Health Initiative (DHI)►  ◄Digital Security Initiative (DSI)


( initiatives based on corporate social responsibility)